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Benzoin Resin


Premium Benzoin resin for incense. Sometimes referred to as Benzoin almonds because of the beautiful vanilla almond scent they hold.

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What began as a prop purchase for our Benzoin Pourable Resinoid photoshoot, rotated into its own planetary system of resin and incense burning use and bemusement. Yes, Benzoin resin has become my muse. These premium grade resin “almonds” surprised me. They have the luscious appearance of vintage egg yolk amber and smell nothing less than divine. I admit to now having a few pieces tucked in my pillow to scent my dreams. The resin burns a soft vanilla odor that permeates a room as a good quality incense would. One can only imagine what it must smell like when burned as incense in Hindu and Buddhist worship as cost would not be a factor in usage. I burn only small amounts but because of it’s gorgeous scent, our resin satisfies the air in our office where I spend much of my days working on new listings or dreaming of new formulas. Nostradamus appears to have adored Benzoin resin and states in his formula on how to prepare Benzoin oil, that “it has the wonderous scent in such a way that it also acts as a base for all precious perfumes. For above all one must think of what epitomizes the loveliness of perfume, apart from natural basalm and oil of amber. That which is awarded the prize is called ‘Ros Syriacus’. It has not been seen for a very long time, however, so nothing can compare with it except oil from grey amber [Ambergris].”

One aspect to selling resinoids and incense that I badly wanted to change was the plastic packaging. We’ve changed the game and tossed the plastic to the curb (not really … we simply don’t buy it anymore). Prince was right when he sang, “chop a tree, pay the cost” so because Mother Nature is counting on all of us, we now package all of our resins in fully compostable, zero waste cellulose packaging made of eucalyptus leaves. Expensive. Game changing. Worth it.

Suggested use: Use in meditation practice, relaxation or to gently scent the area. Burns well on a heated charcoal tablet.

Packaged in fully compostable cellulose bags made of eucalyptus leaves for zero waste packaging.


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