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Pink Pepper Essential Oil


Wild crafted Pink Peppercorn (Schinus molle) essential oil from Peru. This is a fruitier and finer pink peppercorn oil than Pink Peppercorn from Kenya.

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I get excited when clinical essential oil, that is oil that has aromatherapy treatment value can also cross over to natural perfumery. Pink peppertree is a fruity red berry oil that is often mistaken as the same botanical family to black pepper. It isn’t even a distant cousin on the father’s stepbrother side; this wild crafted fruity berry is a completely different botanical – but try telling that to my pepper grinder. Why this powerhouse of an essential oil isn’t more in mainstream use is mystifying to me. First as a clinical oil, Peppertree supports flus, colds and upper respiratory infections which covers a lot of typical not so serious illness. As an aromatic, it adds a beautiful soft fruit floral note with a wood background. It can soften a cloying floral such as geranium or rose to provide depth to the perfumer’s blend.

Suggested uses: Blend a few drops with a good carrier oil to make a chest rub to support flu and cold conditions. Soothes respiratory infections when applied to ease breathing. The essential oil offers spicy fruit/floral and wood notes. Blends well with patchouli, and other heavy base oils. Lightens geranium and rose notes.


5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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