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Pineapple Myrtle Essential oil


Pineapple Myrtle (Leptospermum petersonii Variety B) essential oil from our distillation partner in Australia.

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This essential oil was a long wait for us until the distillation was perfected. I listed Pineapple Myrtle hydrosol more than a year ago with the anticipation that we would have exclusive rights to the esential oil in North America and that it would follow soon after the hydrosol listing. Again, the still is always in charge and so is Mother Nature. I’m glad this oil is here. It’s like a nose tickle, a happy oil with its summer vibe of fruit and fun times. There are surprisingly minimal myrtle notes in this extraction. It’s candy sweet, fruity and definitely pineapple noted;  a fun essential oil that is meant to be explored with and enjoyed particularly in the summer with a spritz or two of Pineapple myrtle hydrosol. Its a greatly improved distillation from the sample I initially received in 2020. Manzanilla banana comes through with its apple notes and I detect a rich floralness I find in ripe mangosteen fruit. I’ve begun working with pineapple myrtle in blends that have heavy wood notes like our Blood Cedarwood and Muhuhu essential oils and I like the lifting action I’m experiencing with its addition. It’s a top note worth exploring.

Suggested use: may be useful in a base heavy perfume composition to lighten heavy wood notes. Freshens creams and lotions for a bright, summery effect. A few drops in a diffuser is highly recommended to create a summer vibe. 


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