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Peach Artemesia Owyhee Essential Oil


Peach Artemesia Owyhee essential oil (Artemisia ludoviciana) from United States.

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Of all the Artemesia essential oils, ‘Sweet as a Georgia Peach’ Owyhee happens to be one of my favorites. It the oil I prefer to blend with conifers around the first fall full moon, as if to be reminded of eating peaches at the farmers market, juices dripping down my face. Of a summer enjoyed. Owyhee or Owhyhee is an old 1800s English spelling of Hawaii and the essential oil was distilled and named by Jeanne Rose and an associate distiller in 2000, which is about the time I first learned of it. The essential oil is an excellent substitute for Roman Chamomile in skincare because of higher esters and is much more economical than chamomile oils. It is a good anti inflammatory and anti fungal on skin. The peach notes are from the fruity esters the plant releases with distillation. Peach Artemesia is not commonly known or used but it really adds a sometimes much needed fruity note in heavier botanical blends. I have used it in clinical settings as an effective treatment for particularly difficult inflamed skin and have made custom body washes with very positive reviews.

Suggested uses: Blends with Eucalyptus, lavender, Geranium, Coriander, and Fir and many other conifers. A few drops in the bath is soothing and calming. Apply a drop or two directly onto inflamed skin to expedite healing.


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