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Patchouli Essential Oil Java


Aged 2015 Java Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) essential oil from our distiller in Indonesia.

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I always felt quite special about our 2007 Patchouli essential oil and frankly was never looking to knock the crown off. It is after all, the oldest aged Patchouli on the market. Yet, a sample I received in the early fall from my beloved Indonesian connection kept circling in my head and nose. There was a scent profile in there I knew but didn’t connect with until I put on my coffee roaster hat and roasted up an order of Indonesian coffee. I realized then it was that green cognac jewel note from Java. Its the same mystical note all over this 2015 Patchouli and holds it’s own special space in our “Patch” collection without having to knock off crowns or egos.

“Indo” Patchouli is typically distilled in stainless steel distillation equipment and is considered a light extraction. That’s where aging has benefited our oil; to bring viscosity and body to a natural perfume composition, particularly those with amber profiles. The Green cognac notes remind me of a Sulawesi Oud (Agarwood) that I have maybe a whiff or two of left in my hoarding corner of the apothecary, the one that doesn’t see light with the other aromatics for fear of accidentally selling it. The distiller is very particular, using only one specific species to produce a fine perfumery grade Patchouli and our beloved procurement agent (a beautiful, brilliant single mom who brings us the very best “Indo” essential oils) makes sure we are receiving the quality we expect to carry in our apothecary not to mention the vibration.

Suggested use: Adds rich, musky notes to natural perfumery compositions, particularly amber accords. Patchouli is one of the most important essential oils for aging skincare. Can be added to lotions and creams.


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