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Palo Santo Aged Heart Wood Essential Oil


Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) aged heartwood sustainably wild harvested from Ecuador.

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I have a checkered history with Palo Santo Wood oil. When I lived in Peru in the late 80s on the cusp of 20 years old, I found Palo Santo oil everywhere. The oil didn’t appeal to me and hard as I tried, I couldn’t get past the scent. In the mid 2000s, Palo Santo oil surfaced on most every merchandised shelf of raw food restaurants, including my favorite no cook (now defunct) eats, ‘Cafe Gratitude’ in Berkeley. I still didn’t like the diesel like scent of Palo Santo oil because it was harsh like a green Atlas Cedarwood or young Patchouli, gave me a headache and was all I could smell for a day or two after. I blended it with all kinds of base oils to tone it down but I found it unpleasant and completely unusable. Still, Palo Santo is a heavyweight in the sacred community, a shamanic oil that bears the patience needed to find a better quality essence. Its nickname is Holy wood, after all. When I finally found a source for aged wood Palo Santo essential oil, I knew it was the oil I had always hoped to find. Our Palo Santo is distilled from fallen trees, aged for a minimum of three years, the time needed for a type of insect needed (specifically the larvae) to consume the inside of the tree and begin the process of converting the wood to natural resin inside the tree. The resin production is somewhat along the lines of agarwood, less the insect aspect of course. It is a very powerful oil for meditation and while it is from the Frankincense family (Burseraceae), additional Frankincense oil can be added for special meditation or ritual practice. Palo Santo offers a slightly citrus, balsamic and fresh woodiness aroma and is a true honor to use.

Suggested uses: Blend in perfumery blends where a citrus note is desired. Useful as part of a mediation tool or anoint on chakra points.


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