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Hemp Hydrosol


Organic Hemp Hydrosol from USA.

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THC and CBD free Hemp hydrosol is a newer player in the hydrosol family and with all of the CBD products landing on retail shelves, we felt like this player had a rightful place in our store. It is a subtle ‘hemp’ scent and is proving to be a truly excellent anti bacterial and soother for irritated skin. We are still still in experimental stage but I reckon that with an addition of rose or even some aged patchouli (the irony is not lost on me – patchouli? hemp? anyone?) essential oil, one could have a beautiful statement scent along with a healing medicinal toner for the skin. The hydrosol is opaque which is a natural aspect of the hemp hydrosol and not a defect.

Uses: After applying oil serum or Vegan C Cream, mist face to increase hydration. Consider using the hydrosol through out the day for maintaining a fresh, moisturized look and feel. Since I scrub my face at night with either our Bamboo Scrub or Provitamin B cleanser, in the morning I spray any of the hydrosols several times into my hands and gently apply to my face and then follow through with Vegan C cream to moisturize for the day. Spray on pillows as needed for relaxation and gentle scenting. Under arms love a freshening up with our hydrosols as do feet after a long day in shoes.


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