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Oregano Hydrosol


Oregano (Origanum vulgare) hydrosol by our artisan distiller in Greece.

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I waited 20 years for a farm distilled, organic oregano hydrosol: I want it from one of the best countries, Greece and I wanted the carvacrol percentage in it to be no less than 86%. It was a lot of wants and patience but here we are. Patience did prove to be an awarded event. Oil of Oregano is almost institutional in health food stores as an effective antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal essential oil but it can be harsh. Years ago when I worked in health food stores, I would marvel at the customers who were able to take a few drops on the tongue for their health needs. I never could but knew that when I was able to find the hydrosol, that would be my way to use this potent herb. I use Oregano hydrosol on my cutting boards, counter tops, my commercial prep table when producing my flower butters or frankincense hand cream. I also pack it every time I travel, even if its within the country. Along with whatever hydrosol I’ve distilled for the week for our wild card distillation, I also carry Oregano Hydrosol in my hand bag. I’m simply never separated from this indispensable hydrosol.


Suggested Uses: Mist and inhale deeply to ease congestion. Can be used to freshen skin when in a smokey environment. Excellent anti bacterial spray for yoga mat after use. Highly recommended for travel to keep bugs at bay.


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