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Organic Greek Labdanum Hydrosol

Labdanum or Rose Rose Hydrosol is another artisan distillation from Greece and one I had worked with very little. A couple of months in a variety of applications revealed a very indispensable hydrosol. Being of predominantly Irish decent, the porcelain skin I enjoyed in my earlier years has given away to a war on rocacea. Labdanum Hydrosol calms the red cheek fires which is fitting for a plant of many names, one being Rock Rose. It clears up bumps too stubborn to leave, healing them within a day or two. Cuts and wounds are quickly healed as well. Cistus is considered a fixative in botanical natural perfumery and I found that a few drop of any given essential oil provided a long lasting, alcohol free botanical perfume.

One doesn’t naturally think of hydrosols as a medicinal (the water left behind essential oil distillation) but they carry hydrophilic and microscopic properties of essential oils in suspension. Hydrosols also contain carboxylic acid for anti-inflammatory activity making them very much a medicinal. In my many years of anti aging skin formulating, I have witnessed the the importance of hydrosol use in combination with face serums for holistic anti aging skin care as well as an effective treatment of skin issues.¬†We are very committed to storage and handling with all of our raw materials: all glass packaging in the Essential Oil Apothecary line is sterilized with 190 proof organic alcohol and stored in a climate controlled environment, surrounded with my personal collection of vintage found gemstones, some of which can been seen in many of our photos. Gemstones and essential oils belong together as far as we’re concerned at Essential Oil Apothecary.

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof glass bottles.

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