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Organic Frankincense Hydrosol


Full Spectrum Frankincense Hydrosol (Boswellia carterii, from Somalia) is another fortified full spectrum frankincense product we carry. I couldn’t wait to bring this to the Essential Oil Apothecary line because I knew it would be nothing short of deep: deep healing, deep aromatics and deep old world scent that brings Somalia to the nose. It heals bug bites quickly, puts up a big fight against troubled skin, and is one of the secret ingredients added to many of our hand crafted anti aging formulas. Like our Full Spectrum Frankincense oil, we dissolve oil rich resin in the hydrosol to extract Boswellic acid – the magic behind healing properties of frankincense.

Uses: After applying oil serum or Vegan C Cream, mist face to increase hydration. Consider using the hydrosol through out the day for maintaining a fresh, moisturized look and feel. Since I scrub my face at night with either our Bamboo Scrub or Provitamin B cleanser, in the morning I spray any of the hydrosols several times into my hands and gently apply to my face and then follow through with Vegan C cream to moisturize for the day. Spray on pillows as needed for relaxation and gentle scenting. Under arms love a freshening up with our hydrosols as do feet after a long day in shoes.




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