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Orange Blossom Flower Floral Wax


Orange Blossom (Citrus Aurantium) floral wax from Egypt.

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The tough part of the post-covid supply chain is the rise of cost with precious absolutes and aromatics. I’ve yet to understand why a flower or plant that grows as it did last year and the year before and many moons before that suddenly cost four to six times more in this year. It leaves us struggling to restock aromatics such as Jasmine, Rose and Neroli. By-products of Neroli while are not inexpensive, do provide high priced Neroli absolute relief. I really began to concentrate on supplying concrètes and floral waxes after I returned from Egypt last year because no matter who I purchased from in North America, nothing could compare to what I experienced direct from the distillery. I’ve always felt that floral wax made me the perfumer I am today. It’s such a pure heart of a scent being exposed to minimal processing from the bitter orange flower blossoms. The wax is soft and dough like which can easily warmed slightly and added to jojoba oil to make one’s own exquisite neroli pomade. It can also be incorporated in a skin serum to treat sensitive skin that needs the vitamin E and carotenoids Orange Blossom wax provides. I’m very pleased with the scent and agree with one of our treasured customers who stated, “it’s a top shelf floral”. Orange Blossom wax comes with all the expected narcotic, indole, jasmone notes I expect from a bitter orange flower product of Egyptian origin. Whether it was seventeenth century princesses of Neroli or Marie-Anne de la Trémoille who introduced Bitter orange to french perfumery, I’m grateful to offer a beautiful by-product that has seen much use by royalty of all ages and civilizations.

What is a floral wax? Flowers or plant materials that are too delicate to survive steam distillation are macerated in solvent. The maceration which includes the scent molecules and flower waxes then becomes a concrète and is further blended with 190 proof perfumer’s alcohol and chilled to separate the maceration or tincture and floral wax.

Suggested uses: Orange Blossom floral wax requires a bath to work with in a variety of formations. It can be added in soap making, creams, lotions, lip gloss, salves, balms and perfume solids. It can be used to replace beeswax when making vegan skincare and other DIY formulations. Once the wax is warmed, it can be worked into shea butter for a scented body butter or added to a carrier oil to lightly scent and add viscosity.


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