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Neroli Concrete Egypt


Neroli (Citrus aurantium amara) concrete from our artisan producers in Egypt.

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I imagine the carnal, honeyed floralness of Neroli was all a little too much for Marie Anne de La Trémoille to resist as she was said perfume her gloves, clothes and bath with Neroli. The scent has that kind of hold on anyone who has held the flower in their hands or sniffed a good Neroli absolute. I always liked our Tunisian Neroli (and still do) but in one of my many foraging walks this spring, I lucked upon a bitter orange tree in a remote area, full of blossoms that next year will find themselves placed on fat smeared in a chassis frame. This is my promise to myself. I want “that” scent, the fresh honey scent that likely met no resistance with the Princess of Nerola. Like the other aromatics we brought back from Egypt, this aromatic is beautiful, perfect even. It’s that carnal, honeyed floral fully body note in a soft concentrated concrete. Perfect as a solo note smeared on skin or as a building block to an exquisite natural perfume composition.

Suggested uses: For use primarily in natural perfumery applications. Can be added to a carrier oil to create an oil based natural perfume. A small amount can be added to pulse points for a concentrated and long lasting scent. Concretes can be added to organic perfumer’s alcohol to create a a perfume spray.


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