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Natural Perfume Class: Learn To Make Natural Perfume


Have you ever picked a flower or aromatic plant and wanted to make it into perfume? Do words like concrète, perfumer’s alcohol and enfleurage sound like a foreign language? Natural perfumery is an art form that has been practiced well before and during ancient Egypt yet it’s still somewhat surrounded in secrecy. I’ve followed the perfumed path my whole life seeking the answers to these scented enigmas. I’ve tinctured, distilled, macerated and enfleuraged my way through formulas found in antique books. I’ve studied at the Natural Perfume Academy, a school devoted to the practice of natural perfumery and have learned how to create accords, repeatable formulas and many other modern techniques important to both the advancement of the craft.

Join me on a scented journey where we uncover some of these techniques, learn to create pure natural perfume compositions and find your bespoke voice within the base, middle and top notes of a perfumer’s organ.

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Our six hour workshop offers a rare opportunity to create natural bespoke perfume seldom used in the artisan perfume industry. We will practice dilution for repeatable formulations, discuss base, middle and top notes, practice different techniques to extract aroma and discover what it takes to build an accord. Students will also learn extraction techniques such as enfleurage and CO2 as well have access to rare artisan produced essential oils, absolutes and resinoids provided by by our apothecary.

Each student receives a kit which includes the following:

– Organic floral wax kit
– Jars for solid perfume
– Hand out of perfumery instruction for future reference
– Blank labels
– Journal to begin recording perfumery work
– Small sample spray bottles to exchange compositions with fellow students

There will be an abundance of information and hands on guidance from the instructor plus tips for blending quality perfume. Students will leave class with a solid perfume made with rare essential oils and floral wax for gift giving or future product launch. Class begins promptly at 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and is at our apothecary in Sacramento, California.

Due to the nature of this class, we ask that perfume not be worn and that snacks be eaten after class.

Students who complete the course will have the option to purchase aromatics from Essential Oil Apothecary for a 15% student discount.

Perfume Class Schedule

April 21, 2024, June 16, 2024, October 13, 2024


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