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Organic Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil from Mount Shasta, California. This is a rare and limited distillation distilled at a certified organic farm owned by Steven Seagal.

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When we were fortunate enough to purchase our rare distillation of Mount Shasta Melissa essential oil, we were also able to buy Lavender essential oil, meticulously grown in the same spiritual environment. We stock American grown Lavender from Washington State, High Altitude French and Italian, Greek and Bulgarian. While Mount Shasta Lavender isn’t complete for our Lavender collection, it is certainly most special for its rarity.

There is a lengthy history of traditional use of Lavender and as such, much has been written about the oil. Its antimicrobial activities were so widely recognized that the French Academy of Medicine used it for wounds, burns, and sores. It is almost a rite of passage for those exploring the world of aromatherapy, a safe and useful cross over to plant healing. Most essential oil experiences have had a Lavender oil story that is one of sheer luxury of the versatility and healing this oil offers. Lavender’s pharmacology has been well documented in clinical studies and has been long studied for its calming effects on unproductive stress such as anxiety and mental irritability. Traditional Chinese Medicine also ascribes to Lavender’s affect of calming agitation and the cooling effect of an overheated liver. It’s no wonder Lavender is considered the mother of essential oils.

I am very impressed with this Lavender from Mount Shasta. There are no harsh notes that can be part of some American Lavender profiles. I would consider it perfume grade and to my nose, rivals any of the best high altitude Lavender available. The scent is so layered that it reminds me of the fields of Lavender I would visit when I traveled to The WA Lavender Festival every summer by ferry from Vancouver Island to Washington State. Like our Mount Shasta Melissa, Lavender essential oil is a well crafted distillation from a sacred part of California.


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