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Frankincense Rivae Essential Oil

Rivae and I have had a checkered past, I confess. Back in 2013, I had beautiful communication and therefore distillation from a small distillery in Oman. But sometimes one of the hazards of the job of an aromatic hunter is the ebb and flow of small distilleries and distillations. Suddenly I could no longer buy rivae. The high terpine oil became elusive overnight. I did not list our other frankincense varietals until I could secure another Omani distillery because I felt so strongly that the frankincense should be all listed as a collection. A year passed before I was able to bring in our long lost boswellic friend. Several samples later, I’m glad its here. Rivae is a finer frankincense and has a real kinship to nagarmotha (Cypriol) and cedarwood when creating a fougère or amber blend in natural perfumery. It softens line line on mature skin and I find it is very calming for rosacea, a real gift to us Irish folk.

Suggested uses: blend a few drops in a carrier oil to apply to skin to assist healing or anti aging properties. Can be diffused in an essential oil diffuser to address anxiety. Use in meditation or anoint chakras as needed. Excellent addition to natural botanical perfume making.

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