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Frankincense Occulta Essential Oil


Frankincense Occulta (Frankincense Boswellia) essential oil from artisan producer in Somalia.

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It feels odd to describe Frankincense as a resin of anonymity but Occulta was a resin buried in the Carterii species landscape. Somali harvesters treated it as Carterii and referred to both Occulta and Carterii as Mohor, drawing no distinction between the two although harvesters do differentiate between the different types of Carterii. There is no mention of Occulta in Plant Resins, a well worn book I’ve relied on over the years regarding ethnobotany, ecology and chemistry of resin. Yet, when researchers observed noticeable differences between the two frankincense trees such as leaves and bark: smooth grey bark of Occulta and exfoliating bark of Carterii, it sparked further research. Once the chemical composition (high methoxydecane) of this oil was revealed, researchers were able to determine it as very distinct from the Carterii species, and conclude Occulta as its own species.

I struggle to describe Occulta. It smells a little like Rivae but that is not really an identifiable description as Rivae is another rare species of the Boswellic family that is not often offered. I detect a fine perfumery note that would be a special addition to a natural perfume composition, like an intriguing component that can’t be quite pinpointed. The scent is mysterious, complicated and layered. Sounds like a soulmate to me.

Suggested uses: In natural perfumery compositions. Can be added lotions and creams and in DIY skin serums.


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