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Fleabane Essential Oil (Erigeron)


Fleabane (Erigeron canadensis) essential oil from USA.

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I originally brought fleabane essential oil with the intention of supplying a real baller for the aromatherapy community I had long supported. But as I began to shift focus more to the perfume community, I felt a reevaluation of the oil was in order. My first thoughts about the profile were confusing. I was initially pressed to describe the oil or think about its use it in a composition. It took considerable time away from this potent oil to realize its an artemisia meets galbanum situation. It gutsy and has a whole sweet abalone meets seaweed aspect that I wish I would have added when I created a bespoke perfume with oceanic vibes. Once my nose became aligned with the profile, I saw endless green note potential that now has me dreaming of new compositions. I’m pretty sure I know a handful of natural perfumers and chypre lovers who would be all over that too. 


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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