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Fenugreek CO2 Oil


Fenugreek CO2 (Trigonella foenum-graecum) oil from India.

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Fenugreek seeds are deeply woven into Indian life and many other ancient civilizations. Methi, the sprouted green from the maple scented seed is sold in both fresh and dried forms. I get a kick out of asking for fenugreek greens (along with chandan) when I find a new Indian market. I’m invariably asked how I know about some of these Indian aromatics. If it is aromatic and has history, I know something about it. I first read about fenugreek in what began as a twelve year old’s obsessive study about Egypt. Fenugreek seeds were found in the very tomb I walked only last fall: the tomb of Tutankhamen. As I walked down the steep steps to cool earth where the tomb had been, I wanted so much to smell Kyphi or perhaps fenugreek seeds. Instead, I smelled dust and history and a childhood dream actualized. It was okay I didn’t smell fenugreek. The Romans flavored their wine with fenugreek seeds and it was grown as a food in the 1st century, in the era of Galilee. A popular Egyptians drink called hilba is a blend of fenugreek seeds, other spices and water. I like heating fenugreek seeds with cashew milk and a little honey to get my relax on after a stressful day. Its also one of spices that first hits my nose when I’m in the mood for Ethiopian food.

Considering its history, I’m surprised Fenugreek CO2 or even Fenugreek carrier oil for that matter, doesn’t see more mainstream use. I may be biased because of my given penchant for anything maple scented, but it belongs in a perfumer’s pallet for its fatty, sweet scented top note. The extract is also an effective addition to our Amla carrier oil for maintaining healthy strong hair. It is an effective addition to a carrier oil for chapped, dry skin and stretch marks. I really value its presence in perfumery compositions. The sweet, fatty earthy scent is beautiful in musky based accords.

Suggested uses: can be added to carrier oils such as Amla oil for hair care. Blend a few drops with shea butter or coconut oil to moisturize dry, chapped skin. Add as a top note to musky or green blends such as Galbanum.


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