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Elemi Essential Oil Philippines Wild Pili


Wild Elemi essential oil from our artisan distillers in the Philippines.

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I discovered Wild Elemi a few years ago as the incredibly delicious and versatile pili nut which is a creamy and fatty nut with pine nut like taste. I went in deep, as I do and made pili nut milk, pesto, roasted pili nuts and tried to run them though our small commercial oil press to extract the oil. I don’t know how to go half way with things. Both nuts and fruit from the trees are economically import to people in the region and while Pili essential oil is not widely known, I hope to change that with its launch in our Pinoy collection to hopefully enhance further economic viability for this region.

I knew of the artisan distillers at the front of these beautiful filipino oils and while I was unable to travel this year, I had no qualms asking my dear friend when he announced he was flying to the Philippines for a few weeks. After many late night emails and much too much back and forth, he was able to collect my order from the producer, get rid of most of his clothes, and pack his suit case with essential oils, hydrosols and resins to add to our incense collection. He’s a hero here, needless to say.

Wild Elemi and Elemi was a little confusing to me at first and I reckon others as well as they appear to be the same. On occasion, I’ve seen a listing online for Wild Elemi oil but when I inspect the latin binomial, I see it listed as Luzonicum which is not Wild Elemi. Wild Elemi is distilled from the gold colored resin of the Canarium ovatum or Pili tree. The profile is different as well; Luzonicum possesses forward front lemony pepper notes while Ovatum smells similar to Frankincense sacra, with a deep muskiness back end, surprisingly so. It was the first profile notes I arrived at when I first smelled it on a blotter and after a few days into my evaluation. This is what fine perfumery blending dreams are made of and I’m personally inspired to create a solid perfume as well as future body care as a means of enjoying this wonderful artisan distillation.

Suggested use: highly recommended as an addition in natural perfumery compositions. May be added to skin care as additional support for red and irritated skin.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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