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Incense Burner Egyptian Pyramid Shape


Solid brass Egyptian Pyramid incense burner. Incense smoke releases out of the eye of Horus for an extra etherial incense burning effect.

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There’s solid truth to the old saying, “incense burning is as old as Egypt.” Egyptians used incense to communicate with the gods, making it central to their worshiping rituals. They burned Frankincense in the morning, Myrrh during the day and Kapet (also known as Kyphi) at night as each one was associated with a god (such as Hathor being associated with Myrrh). Some incense was thought to also heal health conditions such as Kapet to heal snake bites, bad breath and asthma. Sonter and Ihmut incense, from Punt and Green incense which as thought to be from Galbanum resin, were burned during the reign of Ramesses III. Egyptians imported resins and fragrant woods treating them as the gods themselves and their dedication went so far as to attempt planting frankincense trees, although they were not successful with their planting efforts. Egyptians equated the Eye of Horus with incense, sometimes linking sticky Labdanum juices falling as tears onto Cistus bushes and goats wandering through Cistus patches were considered manifestations of the Osirian ram of Mendes.

I was never interested in offering incense burners in our apothecary. They often look mass produced with cheap pot metal and not fitting for the aromatic resin combinations I take great spiritual space and time to create. My handmade incense has typically been burned on abalone shell as a homage to the ocean. I was excited when a sample brass pyramid incense burner arrived last year at our apothecary. At first glance, it is attractive and solidly built, having a weight of over one pound and 4”x4”x.5” in size. I’ve used the pyramid burner often to burn resins and test durability. It has made several cameos in photo shoots for our incense and Blue Lotus listings. The burner holds up well and maintains its well articulated pyramid aesthetics. Beautiful in any setting and more so when added to a collection of Egyptian memorabilia. Dedun approved.

Suggested use: as this burner is not electric, we suggest heating a charcoal tablet and placing resin piece or dhoop on top of hot charcoal. Aluminum such as a used aluminum cup from a tea light candle can be used to burn resin. Resin can also be placed directly in the burner cavity and lit for use as well. Please place in a safe area and do not leave unattended.


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