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Dittany Essential Oil


Organic Dittany (Dictamnus alba) essential oil from our artisan distiller in Canada. Very rare small production essential oil that is typically from Greece.

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My favorite part of this business is writing my personal stories about the oils I list in our apothecary. I’m often asked about my process which involves walks in nature, where with every step the story writes itself, as long as I am the humble word servant. Rare oils are a different process. They must be lived with and worn in open mindedness for both word and spiritual experience.

Dittany essential oil is rare and was originally thought to only exist in Greece. But this oil of many names has found another home on Canadian soil thanks to our new found distiller who has dedicated his career to the production of Dittany, Osha Seed, Mugo Pine, Hemlock, Frazer Fir and so many other other new Canadian treasures we were lucky to discover on our buying trip last month. Dittany grows in virgin soil that has never had chemicals or mismanaged mono crops, an almost unknown in 2021. Greek Dittany has an oregano scent (not strong pizza kind of way) which is why there is Carvacrol but I find Canadian grown Dittany has a slight fruitiness to it. I pick up a rich Galbanum CO2 profile as well which hold some delicious green notes I’ve grown to not only deeply respect but sometimes crave in a ravenous way when mood strikes. While it has potent antibacterial activity due to the Carvacrol component, I feel Dittany’s green noted rarity is better enjoyed in a perfumery composition to add fern notes.

Suggested use: Beneficial in anti aging skin care serums. Helps maintain normal skin pH by removing excess sebum. Heals scars and wounds. Very unique profile that will add interest in perfumery compositions.


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