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Deertongue Absolute Liatrix USA


Deertongue (Liatris odoratissima) absolute from USA.

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Deertongue or Liatris Absolute is a thick, dark mossy, heavy coumarin scented absolute and for a coumarin junkie like me, Deertongue is yet another scent I can’t get enough of (within respectful coumarin use of course). Deertongue is in the Tobacco olfactory family, adding a vanilla hay warmth to blends and Tobacco accords. The absolute is a dark green paste and more like an oleoresin with its tarry stickiness that becomes more workable when warmed. My first experience with the absolute was a memorable one: when I warmed up deertongue, I discovered it smells a note or two of black licorice, the old dutch variety that my mother adores. Even as a kid watching her eat these strong tasting candies, I remember wanting to capture the scent I felt was of ancient forest. There are powdery blackcurrant notes without the cat pissiness blackcurrant holds and memories of old tobacco shops from the 1970s. I love having it int he apothecary for those old forest notes so loved by some perfumers as well as myself.

As with all coumarin based absolutes and extracts, Deertongue should never be used neat on skin and is recommended at 1 to 1.5% in a blend.


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