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Dandelion CO2 Oil


Dandelion CO2 (Taraxacum officinale) from our artisan producer in Bulgaria.

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Long before the snowbirds returned to Canada both human and fowl, dandelion flowers dotted our grassy hills, peeking through patches of snow, brightened by sun that hadn’t been felt on skin for months. My mother was faithful to their collection; teaching me about the healthfulness of the green leaves and plucking the bright flowers for her yearly dandelion wine and jelly. She would tuck a flower behind my ear or place a few in my hand to sniff and smear on my skin, marking spring in yellow while collecting the harvest.

I have made macerated dandelion oil for as long as I’ve made salves and sore muscle rub for skin care but this year proved to be a double barrel thrill by distilling the hydrosol at our apothecary and sourcing the CO2 oil from one of our overseas artisan partners. When Dandelion CO2 first landed, I found the lactone notes memorable, exciting. I called all my natural perfumery friends and colleagues to share about the discovery but as the oil settled, it has settled to more of a floral profile which is surprisingly sweet like wisteria. I see Dandelion CO2 as an indispensable oil in salve making as well as an interesting addition to a perfume accord.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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