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Damiana Flower Essential Oil


Damiana flower (Turnera diffusa) essential oil from Mexico.

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Damiana is a bright yellow sunny and cheerful, sweet smelling flower. When I was in Oaxaca, I saw shelf after shelf of Damiana liquor and had I skipped the tequila tours, Damiana liquor would have been in my carry on. The flower and leaf has a long rich history in Mexico thanks to ancient Mayans. It is known as an aphordisiac and urinary tract tonic. Damiana chills out the nerves like cannabis without the other effects and a dap on each temple eases tension headaches. The leaves are sometimes used to make cordials. Damiana is a great addition to a botanical perfume blend with its citrus-y chamomile profile.

Suggested uses: blend well with rose and citrus essential oils for botanical perfume, meditation and chakra anointing.


0.5ml, 1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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