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Dalandan Essential Oil Philippines


Dalandan (citrus aurantium) essential oil – artisan distillation from our producers in the Philippines.

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that there’s magic in that thar’ soil in the Philippines. This citrus aurantium essential oil – good old orange – is not only harvested at its perfect peak time but as a distiller, who at this writing is distilling Buddha’s Hands Citrus, knows a well distilled citrus oil when she sniffs one. I’m impressed with the clean factor in this scent profile. It has minimal sweet notes one expects from typical aurantium oils. As a natural perfumer in training, I see a lot of value in its use for lifting compositions with heavy wood notes but without the cloying sweetness a typical citrus aurantium can bring. It feel balanced; bright and light but substantial. I also see it being a great addition to skin care to brighten skin. Dalandan essential oil is another beautiful essential oil in the pinoy collection and we’re glad to offer it.

Suggested use: May be added to skincare such as our Vegan C Cream at a 1% dilution or 3% in shampoo, conditioner or body wash. Recommended in natural perfumery to provide a top note to wood based compositions. 


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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