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Grapefruit Essential Oil


Cold pressed organic Pink Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) essential oil from USA.

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Both Gildemeister and Guenther referenced the grapefruit as a shaddock as it was thought to have been brought to America by Captain Shaddock (who?). It would be reasonable to think the grapefruit was first a pomelo before beginning its evolution toward the grapefruit because of countless early references as such. By the late 1800s, Florida had become a solid producer of the juicy citrus, providing fresh and canned fruit and of course, grapefruit essential oil. My first experience with pomelos was in the late 1980s Panama where I learned to roast incredible mountain grown coffee not yet available in North America. I harvested Yucca (cassava) and cashew fresh from the tree. I learned the importance of roasting those cashews too (I won’t detail the side effects of eating raw cashews). I harvested pomelos the size of large basketballs; the fruit cells so big, they looked like large iridescent caviar and where half of the fruit would fill a belly.

Cold pressed Pink Grapefruit is a pretty oil and it’s sexy too, with its light, feminine fresh fruit scent. I always thought grapefruit oil an exemplary Doctrine of Signatures, the peel’s language to its remedy and so it goes that Grapefruit is an effective oil to combat cellulite. Combined with a good carrier oil, Pink Grapefruit oil brightens and tones skin with the beneficial side effect of feeling lifted. Pink Grapefruit oil is useful in a Bergamot composition and good modifier in other citrus notes.

As a footnote, Guenther mentions the distillation of grapefruit blossoms yielding a Neroli of Grapefruit oil. He describes it as a resemblance of Neroli Bigarde but is more rose and honey like. Looks like I’m headed to Lowe’s in the morning.

We store Pink Grapefruit essential oil and all of our citrus oils in dedicated refrigeration until it is shipped to preserve the quality of the oil.

Suggested uses: Blend in a carrier oil to use on skin to help treat acne. Also useful application for treating cellulite.


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