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Clary Sage Dark Amber Essential Oil


Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) essential oil from France. Dark amber perfumery grade oil.

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When I began my professional aromatherapy education in 2000, one of the top 60 plus clinical essential oils I was required to study was clary sage. I liked the tea like top note of the oil but the dry down, not so much. My nose wasn’t as nuanced for tobacco notes quite yet as the focus was in clinical mode. As an essential oil, I used it extensively in case studies with female clients desperate for PMS relief.

Clary sage is part of the sage family and has a long history of use in both foods and muscatel wine likely a carry over from heavy use in the Middle Ages. Dioscorides and Pliny thought highly of the plant so did the other herbal dude, Theophrastus. Clary helps stubborn cases of dandruff and dry skin and can be very beneficial for hormonal balance. In fact, it is one of the best ones I found useful in a clinical setting for hormonal issues. We carried a high sclareol pale yellow colored clary sage distilled in the USA for a long time and still have it in the apothecary but I’ve become a big fan of this higher grade amber like distillation from France. I feel it is a superb fit in both aromatherapy as well as high end perfumery.

Suggested uses: Add a few drops in a good quality carrier oil (10ml) to use in scalp as well as face as a DIY serum. Blends well with wood, citrus and other florals in a botanical perfume blend.


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