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Cherry Plum Blossom Hydrosol


Cherry Plum Blossom (Prunus cerasifera) hydrosol. Foraged and distilled at our apothecary in California.

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Auspicious flower of perpetual beauty, Cherry plum blossoms are winter’s whisper of a spring that is surely around the corner. The flower is fleeting, flickering over me during harvest like the bride my heart aches to be but never really was, like springtime in Edo. The scent too is fleeting; if the distillation runs long because I didn’t want it to end. Before I begin, I look up to the blue sky that has returned for the season and breath in the perfumed air, imagine hanami. I’m still and in ceremony for the moments before I begin the harvest.  

I first tried my hand at distilling cherry plum blossom flowers last spring after my return from a distillation roadshow. My first of many as it turned out. I hadn’t begun vlogging for the youtube channel partly because I felt venerable to expose my experiments. But as I transitioned from crocus and hyacinth and delicate little yellow blossoms the witch hazel tree displayed, I felt that maybe,  just maybe I was on to something. This year’s distillation of cherry plum blossoms arrives on the heels of over a hundred or so distillations. I’ve learned some reasonable skill and some say expertise, others say foolishness. I created video of it to show the blue sky, the pink blossoms, the hands, scarred from these forages, the heart healed from this work I so love. Like Sakura in California.

Suggested use: mist on skin as an antiaging skin toner that softens lines. Can be misted onto hair to freshen and delicately perfume. Highly recommended for use under arms and other body parts that get funky.

Shelf life: approimately 6 months. Refrigerate to prolong freshness. 

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof refillable glass bottles. 

Our hydrosols are kept in dedicated refrigeration until shipped.


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