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Rhododendron Essential Oil


Certified organic Rhododendron (Anthopogon) essential oil from Nepal.

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I was very excited and confused to see Rhododendron as an essential oil offering from my distiller. They grow everywhere in the world and all but the Anthopogon species of Nepal is highly toxic. Known as Sunpati or Balu oil by the Nepalese, Rhododendron is considered sacred and the leaves and flowers ahve been used in tea to relieve liver congestion and stimulate appetite. Rhododendron has a special floral profile that ventures into a delicate berry. It actually reminds me of cloudberries. There is a slight woody or balsamic note to it but the floral berry does prevail in the most delicate was that I appreciate in a rosewood kind of way. It’s easy to see why it is an oil considered ideal for the heart chakra. Rhododendron is a newer oil on the aromatic scene and certified organic even more so. The delicate flower fills the high mountains in bright reds, pinks and whites and a quick online search reveals beautiful photos of this gentle flower. I’m excited for this oil and its botanical future as a wonderful addition to a multitude of applications.

Suggested uses: blend for a perfume, meditation and heart chakra anointing. Blends well with Fir, Orange, Ginger, Geranium and Lavender.


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