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Buddha Wood Essential Oil


Wildcrafted Buddha Wood (Eremophila mitchellii) essential oil from our distiller in Australia.

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Wildcrafted Buddha Wood essential oil is newer to the aromatherapy landscape, thanks in part to the need for fire management of this weed like bush. True to most wood oils, Buddha Wood calls me to meditate, calms my spirit and past hurts that remind me I still feel. It’s the oil I use in Shavasana शवासन and to bring deep, restful sleep with the ease of Vetiver, its heavy leather notes freeing my mind of the day’s work. Buddha Wood haunts me too, recalling a time when Brazilian Rosewood oil was plentiful, not endangered. Buddha has an affinity for other wood oils. African Sandalwood in particular blends well with the rich, thick oil enhancing its smokey rose notes. Buddha Wood is known in its native country as Australian Desert Rosewood or Bastard Sandalwood and due to the need for management of pest like growth, Buddha Wood is one oil that contributes to sustainability instead of being a strain on Mother Earth.

Suggested uses: Blends with Honey Myrtle, Rose, Sandalwood, African Sandalwood (Muhuhu), Balsam Peru, and Lavender essential oils. Can be used in a blend as a base note or diffused to create a calm, meditative atmosphere. Buddha Wood oil is an effective anti-bacterial, healing cuts and wounds in a shorter time. Useful addition to beard oil formulas.


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