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Blue Lotus Absolute Oil


Blue Lotus or more accurately Blue Water Lily is one of my favorite absolutes on the earth. It only took 17 years and a lot of expensive fakes to wade through to find this elusive and rare absolute that was so prized by the Egyptians. This dark dream inducing absolute is so hard to find, hard to keep in stock and hard to believe there has ever been anything so fragrant and glorious in Mother Nature’s chest of aromatics. The absolute is a deep powder lotus scent that holds into the next day. After I’ve forgotten its application, the scent has floated off my skin and reminded me of its regal presence.Not one to dream or at least recall my dreams, I have experienced strange, cinematic dreams that stay with me. Third eyes have a yearning for it, lovers crave it and the Egyptians knew what they were hieroglyphan’ about.

This beautiful absolute is not cut, extended, adulterated, or modified.

Suggested use: Add a few drops to a carrier oil such as organic Jojoba to dap on pulse points. Annointing the third eye is highly suggested.




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