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Black Locust Floral Wax


Black Locust floral wax (Robinia pseudoacacia) by our producers in Bulgaria.

Black Locust Wax


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Pendulous clusters of white flowered Black locust makes foragers giddy in spring for the jelly making ahead. They arrive when the peonies and roses announce to the world that spring has come and are as fleeting as both. Originally from the Appalachian Mountains, black locust grows all over these great United States and in fact are considered a nuisance by many unfamiliar with these springtime party favors. But a forager knows the gold of the land when biting into a locust fritter or eating the blossoms raw in a salad. I’m a honey syrup kind of gal for the two weeks they’re in bloom which turns out is how the bees feel as well. I’m also a girl of the parfum. Fresh black locust flowers are jasmine meets grape jelly meets early stage orange blossom. The floral wax buries some of those delicate notes in favor of something so much more special: blackcurrent bud without the cat piss note. It’s my answer to a decade of longing for such an aromatic profile. The wax smells illicit, salacious and borderline obscene which in my estimation is the very definition of a good perfume.


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