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Angelia Root Essential Oil, Canada


Angelica root (Angelica archangelica) essential oil artisan distillation from our producer in Canada.

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When I walked around the farm/distillery in Canada two years ago and ran my hands through mugo pine branches and osha and angelica plants, I knew I would be working with this producer. The angelica, mindfully grown on alluvial soil has those perfumery green notes that I I’ve boldly named Canadian galbanum. It’s a deep memory note I’ve pick up in French liqueurs such as chartreuse and harvests of angelica years ago while living on Salt Spring Island. At the time of Ernest Guenther’s writing (1950s), Canadian angelica was primarily grown in Montreal and verified by the Montreal Botanica Garden to be true Angelica archangelica officinalis. It was impressively considered on par with the quality of european distillations. Althought American angelica was considered inferior in those days to both Canadian and European plants, I’ve sourced some quality aromatic roots that will likely end up as a future distillation on our YouTube channel to compare profiles. I can’t pass up an oportunity to channel some midieval magic after all.

Canadian angelica differs significantly from our angelica root absolute as it is a fresh root distillation with clean fougère notes. The absolute is a deep musky profile, brought on by what I suspect is a long aging of the root and of course the obvious extraction difference as well. Both are important additions to the perfumer’s organ, one providing beautiful top notes and the other, equally beautiful musky base notes. And both are aromatics I adore working with in floral compositions.

Suggested use: May be added to round out heady sweet floral compositions. I like adding a drop or two in our vegan C skin serum for a fresh spring time note. 


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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