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Agarwood Malinau Indonesia


Wild Malinau Agarwood (Aquilaria malaccensis) from our distillation partners in Indonesia.

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Just as I experience as a roaster in the coffee roasting industry, our oud collection is primarily dismissed by what has become a hard core male dominated agarwood community. Yet, when a sample is sent, a whiff forcibly placed under a perfumer’s nose, a note described with such acuity that it draws a oud lover’s interest, our collection is pronounced as among the best out there. It’s a seesaw of frustration and also pleasure of being a agarwood supplier secret. I began collecting agarwood in the late 2000, far before some of the big players were selling agarwood. Like my journey in search of our Blue Lotus absolute, I experienced some spiritually life changing agarwood but also what I swear was cow dung and there was some that bubbled on my skin. The journey put me through it which seems to be a rite of passage with these rare aromatic treasures.

I received drops in a vial last fall that I carried everywhere, falling prey for the cherry cola notes like a junky with an unshakeable habit. I saved to purchase it and even at that was only able to buy small amounts. Yet, I felt deeply passionate about providing this distillation to perfumers and agarwood lovers alike. I’m not looking to score after life or karmic points but I feel like I may have at the very least made favor with the perfumery community and maybe secretly a couple of oud lovers as well.


10ml, 3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 5ml


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