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Roasted Espresso CO2 Coffee Oil


Coffee CO2 oil from our producers in Venezuela.

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I have been romanced by coffee as long as I’ve been romanced by aromatics and one could say that neither are interchangeable. My grandmother, in her thick Irish accent would offer milk coffee and cookies when I visited her on the farm. I was maybe eight years old, too young for coffee certainly. But I eagerly waited for the water to boil on the old wood stove, knowing I was about to have a delicious and richly scented drink from a warm, foreign land. I would watch her stir sugar and evaporated milk into instant coffee and imagine what coffee plants might look like. I loved the taste of coffee but the smell; it was so exotic to me as a kid. I was 19 when I moved to Peru and tasted my first cappuccino, the scent of espresso holding me captive as it had when I was a kid. It lead me to Panama where I learned to roast coffee in a cast iron pan, appreciating the scented transitions of the bean and respect for the farmer. It would be at least a decade before green beans were exported from Panama and I would taste that memory again. Our sister site, Soulside Coffee, tells a deeper story of my love for coffee and my dedication to roasting the fragrant bean.

Our Roasted Espresso CO2 evokes those coffee memories in me. The CO2 adds viscosity to a natural perfume blend. In my early perfumery days, I made Coco Love, an aphrodisiac like Cacao Absolute based oil perfume that included Roasted Espresso CO2 to bring a dynamic lift to the composition. Roast Espresso oil holds a blend well and I found that even as time passed on my left over perfume oils, Espresso held the blend together for quite some time. We’ve added Roasted Espresso Absolute a time or two in some of our custom scented Vegan C creams as a skin stimulant which has turned out to be a favorite addition.

Suggested uses: Add 2 -3 drops to organic carrier oil as a scented oil. Blends with Rose and other florals, Vetiver, Cacao, and Tobacco Absolute. Can be used in unscented face cream to stimulate the skin.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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