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Sage, White Essential Oil


White Sage (Salvia apiana) essential oil from small distillery in United States.

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It has been quite the journey to find a white sage essential oil I felt was worthy of this ceremonial herb. White Sage can have notes like the Hemp essential oil we have in the apothecary, a slight skunkiness I can’t quite reckon with, not in an oil this sacred and relevant in Native cleansing. When we found our distiller for Sweetgrass hydrosol, we found our white sage. Soulfully distilled by a small distillery and certified organic in the state it grows, White Sage essential oil has all the beautiful camphorous and herbaceous notes I was looking for. It protects spirit and soul and is important in cleansing rituals where burning sage (smudging) is not possible. White Sage is a top note so combining with Cedar essential oil or one of the other of the four pillars of the sacred herbs such as Tobacco or Sweetgrass will anchor its notes.

White Sage essential oil is a potent anti bacterial and can be very supportive treatment for sinus infections thanks to eucalyptus compounds in the oil. This sacred essential oil has become one of my closest companions when long hours and aromatic story telling have reached beyond the midnight hour.

Suggested use: Very effective when added to an aromatherapy diffuser. Can be added as a top note in Artemesia based natural perfume compositions. Blends well with citrus oils, Fir, Pine, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Frankincense essential oils.


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