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Melissa Essential Oil Mount Shasta Limited Distillation


Organic Melissa (Melissa officinalis) essential oil from Mount Shasta, California. This is a rare and limited distillation from a certified organic farm in the Mount Shasta area.

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Long before I was gifted with an invitation to become part of the American immigrant landscape, I made several trips to California from West Coast Canada and grew to know the etchings of Interstate 5. Apart from the coffee welcome mat from Portland, I always felt something special when driving through Mount Shasta. I originally thought it was the view of the mountain from the road but I always had a hunch there was more to it than that. I later learned that the Shasta area is known the world over as a spiritual energy vortex. Believer or not, there’s no denying there is a special energy in that part of the drive. When I was offered an opportunity to buy Melissa essential oil from an organic farm in the area, I knew it was a distillation that belonged in our apothecary.

Melissa essential oil from the Mount Shasta area is a very special distillation. The plant was grown in a fully organic environment and has been carefully stored until its arrival at our apothecary, where it continues to be tended to with care and upmost stewardship I maintain will all our aromatics.  In natural perfumery, this is a gorgeous top note to work with in fern or fougere compositions.

Melissa USA offers aromatic supporter the following: fungal infections, candida, viral skin infections and herpes to name a few. I include melissa in our Shingles Formula for easing the pain of shingles. While Melissa is a limited distillation, it is one that I’m very happy to offer as a versatile oil. 🌿



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