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Butter CO2 Oil


Butter CO2 Oil from Belgium.

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Butter CO2 oil came to our apothecary quite by accident. When I decided to remove dairy from my diet, I was left with the dilemma of how to replace butter. I grew up on a farm with plenty of cows and it was Daisy, Rose and Petunia who supplied the milk, cream and butter that I grew a real taste for and eventually allergy of. Of all the dairy I gave up ten years ago, Irish butter was the tough one. The perfumer was revealed when I decided to flavor up a batch of cacao dairy free butter with Butter CO2. And it was then that I discovered the fatty, creamy notes paired with cacao butter, vanilla and florals such as Jasmine and Neroli … just like peanut butter and jam. I’ve seen Butter CO2 described as having the scent of Ghee but most off the shelf Ghee is rancid. Butter CO2 smells creamy, rich and like it was always meant to be with certain aromatics. There’s a slight saltiness to it as well. Butter CO2 is kind of my aromatic evolution that started as a dairy free butter flavor and transpired to a natural perfumery rabbit hole. No disrespect to Daisy, Rose or Petunia, of course.

Suggested uses: blends with Neroli, Ylang ylang, Neroli, Cacao, Jasmine and Vanilla or other sweet florals where buttery notes are desired.


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