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What’s Happening This Week At The Apothecary – August 10/2022

Wild Card Distillation: Pandanus Leaf

🌸⚗️ The first time I worked with frozen pandanus leaves I bought from a filipino market, I knew they were eventually going to land in my still, particularly after considerable effort to find live plants locally or on line turned out to be a big fail. $1.69 a bag for frozen pandan leaves was enough of a low financial risk that I could afford to at least try the frozen leaf distillation. I allowed for the leaves to partially thaw so I could cut them into small pieces. The final product was a pandan custard smelling hydrosol with a little bit of a grassy note. I’ve been using it for a few days and love the scent plus pandan has been very much my cooling friend on hot skin from the 100F heat.

See how I distilled it in the link below!

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2 thoughts on “What’s Happening This Week At The Apothecary – August 10/2022”

  1. Oh my goodness!! I love, love, love Pandanus Kewda. It was my dream for over 40 years to smell like my favorite Pandan desserts, custards, and refreshing drinks I’d had as a child. Floral, greenery grassy and lush, creamy and toasted, freshly steamed Thai rice, wet and damp, bits of earth and full bodied. A total stunner to make soaps with (my bars cured like a dream and the scented lasted on the skin!), hydrosols for the face, body, hair, and in my skincare, Pandanus Kewda is a treasured must-have staple for anyone who’s obsessed with aromatics and creativity. Plays so wonderfully with other aromatics, it’s unbelievable because Pandanus Kewda is so very unique! There truly is nothing like it and you, Cher, were the only one who carried both the distillate and the precious, very concentrated oil. I cannot wait to purchase this Wild Wednesdays Distillation and for sharing with your fans!

    1. Rainny, you’ve made our sunshine. Thank you so much! I thought of you when I did this distillation. We have some reserved for you – hope you will be pleased.

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