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Distillation Class In October 2022

🌸⚗️I’m very pleased to announce a new class I will be offering this October in a stunning setting thanks to the generous support of Julie Sandino-Areias, owner and host of The Bird Ranch at San Luis Creek. The Bird Ranch, a designated monarch butterfly sanctuary, is a breathtaking boutique event venue and farm stay that has been chemical free for over 100 years and has a variety of plants and trees available for class. I will teach participants how to sustainability collect plants on the property to distill in class and demonstrate uses for our distillations. We will provide use of the still I use every week on my YouTube channel Essential Oil Apothecary, organic plant material from the property, beautiful glass spray bottles to take your special creations home, and wonderful plant-based snacks to enjoy while you create some distillation magic. Please join us for this special event by booking here under our distillation equipment category. Space is limited!

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2 thoughts on “Distillation Class In October 2022”

  1. If ever you’re in the Southern parts of California, I am sooooo there for your class! I’d sign up, show up, help you clean up. Not only a student for the day of class, but I would also beg to be an apprentice! Just having owned your offerings, without even a class, just intuition when working with everything, intuitively, I learn so much. So I can’t imagine how incredible a class with YOU with be.

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