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Ylang ylang Pure Dried Flowers


Ylang ylang flowers pure dried flowers from our producer in Indonesia. No fillers or additives. Useful in incense making, tinctures and natural perfumery.

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I imagine one of the things my producers like least about me are my strange requests. In my defense, I require stranger things of myself because I see raw materials as so much more than their face value and for me, flowers are more than a pretty face. I asked a lot of suppliers over the years and was met with misunderstanding, curiosity and ultimately refusal. To date, I haven’t been able to grow the flower but as I dive deep into converting my property into an urban floral farm, I’m convinced that it’s only a matter of time before I’m growing my own glorious flowers. Until then, I’ve found a producer who’s agreed to my unusual request for the dried flower leading to the question; who’s more strange? My unusual requests or my producer for obliging. 

These Indonesian ylang ylang flowers are carefully dried and ground to a medium fine powder, perfect for creating both combustible and non combustible incense. The powder is dense and will be a beneficial filler in the incense project. The ylang scent lingers and purges its queenly aroma in alcohol for future tinctures in perfumery as well. The dried flower powder can be added to baking soda or arrowroot to create a natural deodorant fit for humid climates.

Storage in the apothecary is vitally important. I store the powder in airtight glass container in a very cool and dark environment to maintain the floral notes. For me, it adds a luxurious floral foundation when creating a perfume more so than simply adding ylang ylang essential oil. Not that that’s a bad thing either.


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