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Violet Leaf Absolute Oil


I confess I’ve had a funny attitude about violet leaf absolute for a long time. I have violet liquor in the bar (a make shift spot on top of the fridge), keep violet confections in my midcentury desk and pick violet blossoms in the spring to make syrups to add to my darjeerling tea and homemade sodas. Violet flower oil was harvested in Grasse in the 18th century and was the rage during Napoleon’s rein, both one and three. I yearn for that violet. After 1900, it was the leaf that was found to be the most useful part of the plant and that is the extract that is still available to this day. Violet leaf is a very good absolute, to be sure, with its cucumber and earthy note and blends well with woods as the middle note in a blend. It creates some very interesting notes fougere blends. The absolute is a good addition to carrier oils to help with fluid retention and edema. Stress induced acne is greatly helped too. All those benefits should give me no reason.

Suggest use: blends well in a perfume blend with Rose, Osmanthus, Lotus – Pink and White, Neroli and Frangipani.

Packaged in tamper proof glass bottles.




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