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Vetiver Essential Oil Indonesia


Vetiver (Vetiver zizanioides) essential oil from our distillers in Indonesia.

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Indonesian Vetiver blew my mind when it arrived at the apothecary last month. It was hard to believe the oil wasn’t in fact an absolute. I compared the two and they did have very similar viscosity but the scent was all Javanese with that boozy note I am deeply in love with when it comes to both coffee and essential oils of the area. I felt it was just too special not to include in the apothecary.

Vetiver has been grown in Indonesia for over one hundred years and while it has been distilled for almost and long, but has only recently become a solution to mitigate the problem of soil erosion for the yearly rainy landslides. The oil is a deep, precious wood scent that has aged Patchouli like notes and I find it hard to believe the oil is not aged at all with its complexity and long sillage. It is considered by some as less clean than Vetiver from Haiti but the smoky notes and the almost floral green pea scent I pick up make this a very special distillation for perfumers and one of my favorites.

Suggested use: Highly recommended for meditation blends and as an addition to both anti aging and scar healing formulas. Adds viscosity, smokiness and exotic wood notes to a natural perfume composition.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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