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Rose Absolute Oil


Rose (Rosa Damascena) absolute from Bulgaria. Hexane free.

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Bulgarian Rose Absolute is a real lady of an oil. Her notes are rounder, richer and more indole like. Like whispering naughty words into a natural perfumer’s ear; the one bunch of eclectic folk who speak fondly of funky, poo scents – always in search of that magical indole dragon.

Our absolute comes from the same valley that our certified organic Rose Otto essential oil, the Bulgarian Valley of Roses. By the 19th century, Bulgarian rose plantations were well developed and it is that early positioning and excellence in the resulting product that has gained what is almost a monopoly on rose production. Rose absolute is very useful in natural perfumery. The absolute is closer to the true scent of Bulgarian roses perhaps due to trace components that can get lost in distillation of the delicate flower. It is sweet and honeyed and there is hardly a perfume, natural and otherwise that is with out it. It is a timeless flower that has never lost its appeal or fallen out of fashion throughout the ages and I expect it never will.

Suggested uses:
A natural perfumer’s collection would be naked without rose oil. It can be added to any skincare products, either remade or your own DIY cream, lotion or skin serum. The addition of Rose absolute rounds out the natural perfumery blend and softens the composition.


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