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Ravensara Essential Oil


Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica) essential oil from Madagascar.

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Ravensara is one hard working essential oil that is as utilitarian as lavender but few know about except professional aromatherapists. If the Egyptians and the Greeks and the Romans made use of it, Ravensara is an essential oil worth knowing. Ravensara is antibacterial and anti fungal. Slap some on a cut and see if it doesn’t clean it up for quick healing. Ravensara was made for vaporizers to decongest lungs and home made cleaning products. This essential oil is an effective, supportive analgesic for in muscle rub blends. In botanical perfumery blends, Ravensara brings game with its camphor profile, a scent I never thought much of until I started reading a book on the history of musk. Camphor was major contributor in oriental blends and a big part in the silk trade. Ravensara brings a blend in line to bring balance to the other oils. Unlike some other essential oils, this one does not irritate those allergy prone to oils. It is important not to confuse Ravensara with Raventsara essential oil which also comes from Madagascar.

Suggested uses: Useful in muscle rub blends. Add a few drops in an essential oil vaporizer to open lungs and assist in a more comfortable breathing environment.


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