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Neroli Absolute India


Neroli (Citrus aurantium amara) absolute from our producers in India.

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I love plant provenance. I love how Egyptian neroli smells of hot sands and palm trees and fields of orange blossoms close to the sugarcane lined Nile river. I love how Tunisian holds more green notes and neroli from India smells remarkably like the orange blossoms I’m harvesting here in Sacramento for my distillations and macerations; warm Ethiopian honey wine known as Tej. Neroli absolute is proving herself to be a real queen in our collection, so much so that when I did the shoot, the props mysteriously toppled like slow moving dominoes over the bottle which saw fit to empty itself to the last few drops. I found myself so disarmed by the delicious aroma, that I could only inhale the air and continue on with the last few shots.

Neroli is central to a perfumer’s palette and as one myself, I find this neroli my favorite to work with because of the viscosity that happens with absolutes. I like weightiness to my compositions, likely because I work with so many materials in their raw form. I also like the trueness of neroli as an absolute. Like most of our offerings, this oil is a small production where attention to detail is paid, just as I do when producing my own aromatics. Seasonality of harvest and sustainability are in mind with this production as well. I don’t buy kilos of such work, I buy small amounts to maintain integrity with both the spirit of the flower and to the producer who I’ve maintained a warm personal relationship for more than three years now. I believe all of that comes through this beautiful little extraction. I’m particular about the use of the word “rare” but I believe neroli absolute is the quintessential meaning of it. 


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