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Lavender Floral Wax


Organic lavender floral wax from our producer in Bulgaria.

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I’ve been dubbed the floral wax queen by those whose use of these precious waxes is integral to their work so I suppose it’s a crown I’ve earned. I look for concrètes, absolutes and floral waxes with almost a blind spot for anything else. I can smell the life and memories of these extracts which only fuels my drive to comb the globe for more. 

Floral waxes are an important part of incense, soap making and solid perfume making. Out of the line of floral waxes in the apothecary, I consider lavender a utility wax. It has some of those angustifolia notes less the camphor and has green notes from what I presume are the lavender plant stems, perfect for adding mysterious notes to a solid perfume composition. There’s a surprise minerality to it as well to which I’ve made a note to include it in my next batch of Coeur de Mar perfume butter. The wax is soft and putty like, the way I personally prefer as there’s less resistence – other than my own mind.


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