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Juniper Hydrosol


Organic Juniper (Juniperus communis) hydrosol from Bulgaria.

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Juniper Berry hydrosol is a beautiful evergreen that is like a fresh pine like scented walk in the woods thanks to the pinene notes, particularly when the dark blue berries reach their fall peak. Juniper evens out oily skin activated by summer heat and brings needed relief to bumps from shaving.

Juniper has fallen out of favor a little but it has so many uses with flavoring gin and liqueur and although wild game isn’t much on the menu, is ideal in meats such as Elk or Deer. On occasion, I have made Juniper syrup to add to my sparkling mineral water as a nod to Galen who wrote in the second century that the berries “cleanse the liver and kidneys.” He was correct about his heath medicine as Juniper can encourage excess water weight, shall we say.

Uses: After applying oil serum or Vegan C Cream, mist face to increase hydration. The hydrosol can be used through out the day for maintaining a fresh, moisturized look and feel. Spray several times into hands and gently apply to face after moisturizing. Spray on pillows as needed for relaxation and gentle scenting. Under arms love a freshening up with our hydrosols as do feet after a long day.


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