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Green Tea Floral Wax


Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) floral wax from USA.

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Though not technically a floral wax, Green Tea is used in much the same way a floral wax would be added to body care or solid perfumers. The scent is what one experienced with drinking green tea would expect along with green notes I recognize in Jonquil Absolute. It is a dark chlorophyll colored, soft wax that needs little heat to melt it into a useable ingredient. When melted with a heat tolerant carrier oil such as almond or olive oil, Green Tea helps creates a luxurious oil for hands that acts much like squalene oil, leaving the the hands moisturized instead of oily. I’ve tried a few different essential oils but I found Geranium essential oil has a real affinity with Green Tea wax, adding a rosy finish to a green profile. It’s an addictive oil and I imagine it would be an even more addictive as a solid perfume.

Suggested uses: Green Tea wax requires a bath to work with in a variety of formations. Can be added in soap making, creams, lotions, lip gloss, salves, balms and perfume solids. Can be used to replace beeswax when making Vegan skincare and other DIY formulations. Once Green Tea wax is warmed, it can be whipped into shea butter for a Green Tea scented body butter or added to a carrier oil for a squalene type of skin oil.


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