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Ginger Lily CO2 Oil


Ginger Lily (Hedychium spicatum) CO2 Oil wild crafted in India. Also known as Kapur Kachari oil.

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Lili, Lili, Lili legs, Lili really, Lili. Harvey Korman’s lusty words to Lili Von Strup in Blazing Saddles flood my senses when I sniff this floral CO2 oil. It’s an oil that seeks refuge in sensual compositions searching for fully consumed lust in a bottle. There are waves of layers to Ginger Lily CO2 that reveal themselves as I work deeper with it, almost as a reward for the patience it requires in order to be understood. I’ve witnessed it described as citrus or melon scented but I find it to be more of a buttery passionfruit top note that unravels into soft warm wood notes hiding in the faint background of ginger root that has aged to softness spiciness and new buds for future plantings. There’s a woody fatty note that lingers like entwined warm bodies and rare sweetness. Ginger lily CO2 is sweet, complicated, rare and precisely the kind of aromatic must have in a natural perfumer’s organ.

Suggested use: Blends well with tuberose, rose or tobacco absolutes. I would also suggest adding it to fern notes in a composition to add a sophisticated depth to the blend.


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